Rugged UPS for operations in harsh environments

120-220 VAC options and more • Computer-Grade Power • Medical-Grade Power

ETI's Power Systems are Critical to Submarine Operations

THAADS: Patriot Missile Systems Rely on our Rugged Equipment

Ensuring that Predator Pilots Stay in Control from Around the World

NYC Transit Authority: Increasing Reliability of Subway Systems

Helping Aerostat Maintain Constant Surveillance

SSDS: Sustaining Continuous Operation of Phalanx Weapon Systems

Supporting Oil Exploration & Production in Harsh Environments

Enabling Reliable Operation of America's Wind Turbines

ATWCS & TTWCS: Supporting Tomahawk Control Systems

Supporting Vital F-35 Ground Systems

SSDS Sea Sparrow: Our Equipment Supports Sea Sparrow in Defending our Ships

CAC2S: Common Aviation Command & Control System: Linking Command to Aircraft in Theater

Aiding the FAA with Flight Navigation

ETI Solar Systems for Reliable Border Security

Reliable Rugged Backup Power Products

Energy Technologies’ (ETI) products are the standard in rugged, high-reliability power backup and conditioning for the defense, industrial, medical and telecommunications sectors. These modular products are in use around the world including Rugged UPS, Power Inverters, PDUs, Power Conditioners, Frequency Converters,  Portable Generators, Solar Power, Fuel Cells, Computers, Transportable shelters and Peripheral Equipment.

The Standard in Reliability

ETI offers a wide range of products, but this site focuses on our line of Intelligent Rugged Uninterruptible Power Systems (Rugged UPS). The Rugged UPS Series of power conditioning, generating, cooling & computing products are readily deployable worldwide, quickly providing the War-fighter with dependable computer-grade or medical-grade power in the field.

Global Transportable UPS® & Power Conditioners: 
Designed to be deployed worldwide, ETI’s global UPS and power conditioners convert any world voltage and frequency into clean, true sinewave 50, 60 or 400 hertz AC power; allowing computers and vital equipment to be reliably used anywhere.

Transportable Generators®: 
Unlike most generators, these light weight, Transportable Generators® produce computer grade AC or DC power. In addition, most of these units are designed to use jet (JP-8, JP-5) and diesel (DF-1, DF-2) fuels. These fuels are usually more readily available in the field. 

Transportable Inverters®: 
Unlike other inverter solutions, the 911Power 
true sinewave inverters are self contained and can be quickly setup in the field without any tools. Standard NATO or Anderson cables allow quick connection to any First Response Vehicles, bringing AC online in under 2 minutes.

ISO 9001 Certified
TAA compliant
Made in USA
RoHS Compliant

Latest Rugged UPS Power Products

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